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**** December 17, 2006 ****

"Showflakes" Party Night

Thanks to Sandy/Tony for the authentic snowflakes, 
gorgeous table decorations, and many tasty food platters.

Sandy, Tony and Kay delight in
Sandy's artistic snowflake creations.
Presidents Hans and Gail cheerfully wait for the next call.
Experienced young dancers Billy,
Daniel and Emily were all raffle winners.
Stevie, Al and Steve are ready for a "Pass Thru."
Sandy, Tony and Steve admire Sandy's 
attractive table decorations.
Colorful food, lively participants and
enjoyable dancing = a memorable evening
The dedicated Caller and Cuer make the fun evening of dancing possible.

**** November 2006 ****

"Autumn Leaves"  Party Night

Enjoyable evening had by all.
(All photos were taken by our professional photographer, Ron Garrison)
The "Sheriff" had a winning ticket...whoopee!
Marilyn is a natural leader of the square.
"Dosado your partner"
The tasty food always attracts a happy gathering.
Colorful dress, healthy food, happy people,
it doesn't get much better than that on party night.
Judy's colorful Rosarito dress and Clyde's catchy vest.
Dorothy and Don demonstrate round dance perfection.
Soosan and Ken show us how to enjoy the happy moment.
Marilyn and Rod present the "2 step."
Tami is a patient dancer.
Al and Stevie gracefully demonstrate the "Twinkle Thru."

**** October 2006 ****

Costume Party Night

Sheldon and Christine weaving to the music
That is a menacing looking spider on Lois' head...wooow!
That looks like a new hip-hop stepper.....!
Prize winning scary person..
Dea and Irv round dance to perfection...
Soosan and Ken have that cool 70's look...cool dudes...
Eerie, colorful costumes for party revelers...
Who are those scary goblins?????
Americana hats...
A tasty respite from the eerie happenings.....
Tasty, spooky munchies.....
(Thanks to Ron Garrison for the hair-raising photos)

**** SEPTEMBER 24, 2006 ****


CLUB LEADERS. Andy, Wil, Judy, Bill.
Mindful Andy guides his eager followers.
The hungry boys are eager to get started.
Tami and Andy are such enthusiastic role models.
Mother and Son. Memories to remember.
Jane and Bill are round dancing
to their mentor, Judy Eades.
Satoko and Wally are always ready to dance
and party....let the fun begin....
Waltraut leads Wil thru some intricate round dance steps.
Lois and Bob have matching smiles.
Kay flashes her smile as she leads her admiring partner.
Judy Eades (left) enjoys square dancing with her student-devotees.
Will, the master caller, still dances with his admiring students.
Muriel and Steve are eager participants.
Dick and June demonstrate the square dance steps to perfection.
Happy Billie and his "crew cut" are a nostalgic attraction.
Lettie and John are always having sooooo much fun

**** August 27, 2006 ****

"Shorts and T-shirt" Party Night 
A fun time had by all dancers.......

Shorts and legs. Let's think about this for a while. More later.....
Proud Andy displaying the new,
colorful "Sundown Squares" jacket.
Bill and Andy showing their dancing-form legs.
Judy and Clyde are fun-loving round dancers.
Judy and Don demonstrate their flawless dancing form.
"Which pair of legs shall we select.
Let's first eliminate the hairy ones, then . . ."
Party night goodies always add to the party night festivities.
"Could that be Al and Gail spinning to Andy's melodic calling?"
Ken and Soosan are in their usual party form.
Tammi and Andy are talented round dancers
and good models for the club.
Our accomplished photographer Ron and Waltraut
enjoying their square dancing. Ron is usually
busy taking pictures so we are glad that he
momentarily shared his camera.
Jim and Christine glide thru the square dance calls.
Looks like a 2-step for Claire and Jim.
Brave John dancing with always-happy caller, Ann Walker.
Jane and Irv have mastered their dancing steps.

**** July 23, 2006 ****

Patriotic Party Night 
Many thanks to our professional photographer, Ron Garrison, for the poignant photos.

Creative Pauline arranging the tasty food for the happy
dancers on party night. Yum Yum..  Notice Kay's colorful
flag and eagle quilts in the background.
Howard's colorful flag display was impressive.
Many thanks to Pauline and Howard for
decorating the dance hall with vivid decorations.
The yummy food was a major attraction.
Notice our loyal president at the head of the line.
That's what is called leadership.
How about that!! Our versatile caller can square dance.
Young Billy is Plus dancing with his proud mother,
Cindy, and Sheldon is calling the square dance.
Another enjoyable evening of dancing and socializing had by all.
Happy square dancers, Sandy and John, looking
mighty patriotic with their matching colors.
Bill and Jamie leading the way in the square dance.
Andy said he would wear it if he had a skirt.
Cindy is presenting Andy with a skirt.
Is our caller happy because he is taking if all off, or putting it on????
Such a perfect fitting skirt. "Who really
wears the pants in this family?"
"Why are all the eyes on our well-dressed caller?"

***** June 24-25, 2006 ****

Granite Hills High School

A noble cause supported by honorable people.
Ann Walker calling "tips" at the RELAY FOR LIFE.
The memorial "luminarias" lit up the
night sky at Granite Hills High School.
Stevie and Howard are two outstanding fundraisers.
Memorial luminarias on display during party night.
Stevie and Jane reporting the impressive fundraising results.
Nearly $30,000 donated.
John's enthusiasm was infectious on party night.
Sooo much fun had by all dancers.
Our president, Hans, welcoming new members, Kay and Elden.

**** May 21, 2006 ****

Cinco de Mayo Fiesta

Many thanks to all the club members who made this dance a success.

Sandy, George, and Steve are enjoying the
Cinco De Mayo Fiesta with friendly club members
and the "comida deliciosa." Muchas Gracias a todos.
Barbara and Al, June and Dick, look so gratified
after sampling the tasty food.
Multi-talented Andy talks with Tami as he calls the squares.
Joyful Barbara waves a "Happy Cinco De Mayo" to us
as she promenades around the square.
Jimmy and Jamie are happily strolling around the square.
Smiling Stevie and Al have learned their round dance routines very well.
Many "gracias" to Stevie and Al for bringing so many
lovely Cinco de Mayo decorations.

What a wonderful Bon Voyage for Wil and Judy on April 30, 2006. Over 150+ enthusiastic people showed their admiration and praise to Wil and Judy for their many combined years of service to the Sundown Squares. The dancers were effusive with their praise of Judy and Wil. The hall was loaded with fun-loving dancers on the floor and the chairs were full. Many congratulations to Hans/Gail and their team for preparing an unforgettable evening and delicious food for all the participants.
The Bon Voyage party on April 30, 2006 for Wil and Judy Eades was a smashing success. Hundreds of enthusiastic ex-students and admiring fans jammed the La Mesa Enrichment Center. Hans/Gail and their team offered a well-organized evening of admiration and respect for the departing caller and cuer, and a professional-quality buffet of delicious foods.
Special thanks to photographer Ron Garrison for his complete coverage of the festivities with his special photos. Congratulations to June and Dick Grimmett for hosting this most successful party.

The Memory Quilt creators and recipients glow during the presentation. The "THANKS-FOR-THE-MEMORIES" quilt was a gift of appreciation from our club to Wil and Judy. The square dance quilt was designed and pieced by creative Kay Moreno, and quilted by talented Al Hutchins on his new 12 ft. quilting machine. Barbara Hutchins embroidered the fancy label.

The back of the quilt included memorable photos
and signatures of club members, students,
and admirers. April 30, 2006
Wil and Judy are trying out the new cuer,
and they give their approval. The influence of Wil and Judy
will be with our club for a long time.
Wil and Andy called some very enjoyable duets that
were met with much enthusiasm from the loaded
floor of enthusiastic square dancers.
Bill-Judy-Wil-Andy, we would like to keep them all,
but we understand that times do change.
Judi and partner are enjoying Judy's easy-to-dance cuing.
Andy and Tami are teaching by example under the
watchful eyes of caller/cuer Ann Walker.
Al, Judy, Wil. What more can we say!
This trio of leaders of the club are enjoying a
much-deserved wonderful evening.
Bill and Judy have been teaching together for 7 years.
The eager student has learned very well from the outstanding teacher.
Watching Jane and Bill dance is an example to follow.
Stevie and June display the beautiful carrot and chocolate
cakes before they were consumed by the hungry dancers.
Congratulations to June and Dick Grimmett for
hosting this most successful party.
Wil, Ann, and Jim were reminiscing about some enjoyable experiences.
Proud Kay is showing Bonnie the intricate square dance
blocks and student pictures on the beautiful quilt.
Eloquent Al thanked Judy and Wil for sharing
their love and commitment with our club.
The monetary gift was counted by Wil under
Judy's watchful eye. The $620 was donated by 
friends, students, and fans.
Kay, Judy, and Wil are sharing lasting memories
of the made-from-admiration quilt.
Hans' comments expressed appreciation and praise to
Wil and Judy, and optimism and enthusiasm to Bill and Andy.

**** April 30, 2006 ****

The Mardi Gras Party must go on, and on, etc. Notice that the Mardi Gras King is watching. Does the King remind you of someone? The next 13 pictures were taken at the Mardi Gras Party on March 26, 2006. Notice the colorful, authentic Mardi Gras beads worn by the party revelers.

Colorful cuer with a gorgeous dress and different
colored shoes!! We are in a party mood, aren't we!!!!
The delicious food is always an big attraction, yummeeee
Barbara and Stan win the prize for "COLORFUL DRESS."
Notice the blazing beads, unique tie clasp with bright tie,
and how about their coordinated outfits.
Pat and Bob are responding gracefully to the square dance calls.
Sharon and Sheldon are sure enjoying the festivities.
But, shouldn't the "good" callers wear white hats ??
George and Sandy are enjoying the "yummy food" and
the freedom of retirement. Everyday is another party.
Kay and Steve are enjoying the dancing and friends.
"Sheriff Steve" just collected some fines to support
the summer picnic. "No mask, then pay a fine."
Do you see Stan Fortenbach over Steve's shoulder?
Judy and Clyde demonstrate their advanced round dance
routines...Notice the attractive necklaces..party on...
Lettie and Bob are fun party-hoppers and they are some
of the biggest supporters of the Sundown Squares.
Barbara and Al are fun-loving square dancers and
round dancers, and excellent quilters.
Ask Al about his new quilting machine.
All contributing to the party. Wil, Judy, and Sheldon. Thanks
Fun-loving Satoko and Wally are part of the festivities and prizes.
"Wally, where are your beads?" That could be a fine...
Judi and Jimmy have become regulars at the
Sundown Squares dances. They win the prize for
"Most Improved" and "Most Enthusiastic Newbies."
Andy and Tammie are happy and ready to start
square dance calling. Andy will officially start on May 1, 2006,
as the new square dance caller. Congratulations.
The new round dance cuers are all smiles and ready
to start teaching round dance routines.
Bill and Jane will officially start on May 1, 2006. Congratulations.

**** Mar. 4, 06 ****

✔✔✔ The next 5 colorful photos were taken at the enjoyable Mardi Gras Dance. There were at least 10 squares of happy square dancers, plus round dancers. ♬ ♬ ♬

A free admission to our next dance for the 1st person to call our president and identify the smiling revelers behind those mysterious masks. ✈ ✈

Confident role models Tammie and Andy Allemao always seem to be headed in the right direction. Andy has been selected to begin on May 1, 2006 as the new square dance caller for the SUNDOWN SQUARES. Congratulations Andy. ❤ ❤

Can you identify some of your Mardi Gras dancing friends. I see Wally, Satoako, Judy, Clyde, Ron, Waltraut, Mike, and can you identify ⬅ ⬅ others?

Can you guess who is the mysterious lady behind the feathery mask? ❥ ❥ ❥

Bob, Lettie, and Caroline added to the festivities. Those "fiery" shirts were prize-winners for this always fun-loving couple. ✩ ✩ ✩

Can you guess where these 3 colorful pictures were taken? Ask a club officer for the answer.

Wil and his group of eager square dancers sure have enjoyed learning and making new friends. An enthusiastic dancer is "Billy" the young man next to Wil. Is Billy a future caller, cuer, or president? How many people can I name? There is Bob, Billy, Wil, Jerry, Dick, Helen, Judy, and ??? How many people can you name? ★★★ Mar. 2006

These round dancers have made sooo much progress, and they were ready to demonstrate their new steps on party night. They will enjoy their round dancing and new friends for many years. Judy and Bill, on the right, have provided professional guidance...thanks. Can you find the following people: Waltraut, Rosy, John, Harry, June, Jimmy, Adrienne, Judi, Allen? ♛♛♞♞ March 2006

Ron, our professional photographer, and Waltraut demonstrate the proper "posing" position. Thanks to Ron for all of the nice photos. March 2006

❤ ❤ Dave and Barbara demonstrate "'Follow The Leader". March 2006

June and Dick generate happiness while square dancing. March 2006

You can count on Dale and Wilma sharing their smiles with others. They also work with their church to build housing for needy families. March 2006

Steve-Pat-Jimmy "walking up to the middle"...March 2006

★★★★ 3 ANNIVERSARY PHOTOS. What an enjoyable activity for burning calories and communicating with friendly people. ★★★★

★★The above 3 colorful, anniversary photos show the patriotic spirit of the fun-loving Sundown Squares Dancers.★★

☛☛The lessons have really paid dividends for Clyde and Judy. And they are having soooo much fun. ♥♥ Clyde and Judy are the club vice presidents.

Private lessons for the teacher's pet. Bill Hale has been selected to begin on May 1, 2006 as the new cuer for the Sundown Squares. How sweet it is!!!

☛☜Proper hand positions are so important in dancing. Ken and Soosan are such accomplished dancers and fun club members. ♥♥

Sheriff Steve Moreno is handing the talking spider monkey to the raffle winner. Which one is the real monkey???

Nov. 17, 2005, Rosarito Beach, Baja Calif. The Sundown Squares preparing for their departure from the friendly Rosarito Beach Hotel after a week of pleasure. Wil and Judy are in the right front row, and Ron,our photographer, is on the left front row. Ron is the man who usually has a camera. Our club president, Hans, is in the middle with the vertical black and white striped shirt, is surrounded by his entourage. More than 150 square/round dancers attended this exciting event. See you next year. Gracias amigos, and adios amigos. Hasta next year...

Tony and Sandy are looking for their spot in the square. They get extra points for their matching attire and wearing their badges. ❤ ❤

Al and Stevie gracefully moving around the square. Be careful, they are likely to scratch your back during the promenade. Al and Stevie are the club treasurers.

✔✔MARCH 12, 2006...Sunday...Quarterly meeting 1:30 at Stevie/Al Vildibill's home. 1569 Gustavo, El Cajon. Many thanks to Stevie and Al for hosting the meeting and providing a delicious lasaga dinner with all the trimmings, yummee. Thanks to Sandy for bringing a cake to celebrate George's retirement from the post office, yum yummee. ♥ ♥

Jerry and Rose demonstrate the Corte to perfection. Bring on the stars. ♪♫♬

A square dance demonstration last August at back-to-school night at Maryland Ave. School. We had parents, teachers, and students dancing with us. 

Barbara and Al are confidently gliding thru their round dance routines♫♬♬☹

Tony, Judi, and Pat enjoying food and friends on Party Night. The smiles say it all....☺☺